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an amalgamation of an online casino and a sportsbook. Launched in 2024, with a fine touch in casino and live casino as well. The license is from Curacao, and we provide our customers with a plethora of daily events keeping them happy and occupied. We use only state-of-the-art platforms for our brands and we are always setting up a high bar when it comes to both the UI and the UX.


Tiki Casino

a brand new casino product that will be launched in 2024, with a fine touch in sportsbook as well! Featuring an incredible range of games from more than 100 providers and huge diversity in terms of PSPs. Excellent product for both acquisition and retention. You can be sure to earn well from the players you’ve brought onboard as we engage them in a variety of ways. Contact us today to find out more about it!
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Roman Casino

Prepare for an epic adventure in a captivating new world where the Roman Empire comes back to life. Get ready for an unforgettable journey where reality and fantasy collide, and excitement knows no bounds.

Excellent Commissions

We pay high and we pay fast! Get up to 55%in revenue share.

We’d be happy to discuss with you not only revenue share deals, but also hybrid deals (CPA and/or RS) and fixed fee deals. Just contact us and let’s have a talk.

You will fall in love with our brands Just like your players will!

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1st Level

Revenue Share


0 to 10 depositors

2nd Level

2nd Level

Revenue Share


11 to 25 Depositors


Revenue Share


Over 25 Depositors


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Vegas Legends’ partner program is a modern, competently built marketing system for brands promotion in gambling sphere. When you register as a partner, you get an access to various advertising materials and links, which you can place on your web-resource. If the visitor or the follower of your resource become a player, using the advertisement from your site, you earn commission from this.
What brands do you run?

Vegas Legends’ program represents comparably young, but already very popular online casino of the European markets:

  1. Talismania – exotic design, unique gamification features, great bonuses, and promotions.
  2. Tiki Casino – terrific odds, exciting virtual sports betting, and in-play wagering.
  3. TBA – bright and lively layout, excellent functionality

The choice of the partner program, that is focused on gambling promotion is absolutely justified. The excitement and risk are intrinsic for people, that’s why online gaming platforms attract more and more users. This means, that participating in a partner program is a real opportunity to earn.

Which advertising products does the program offers?
When you become a partner of the program, you get an access to a lot of various advertising materials. Among them banners in jpeg, gif and flash formats, targeted landing pages, demo versions of games and so on. In addition, it is possible to organize special competitions about promoted brands exactly for you web-resource, regardless of whether format it has (blog, online store, commercial page or other).
Is the participation in program free?
Everyone is able to join our affiliate program – as long you have legitimate traffic sources! You should just register as a partner. Customer service experts will provide you with a comprehensive support and will consult you concerning the promotion of your ideas.
What is your standard RS deal?

The program provides commissional principle of payments, that is based on the number of attracted users. The more users follow the link from your web-resource and make a deposit in online casino, the bigger the per cent of your commission. There are 4 levels of interest rates of commission:

  • 1st Level: from 0 to 15 depositors – 45%
  • 2nd Level: from 15 to 25 depositors – 50%
  • 3rd Level: more than 25 depositors – 55%
  • 4th Level: unique conditions – 60%
Are the deals NNCO?
Yes, absolutely! We always strive to be fair to our partners and put in the place the best practices for both sides involved.
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